Please ensure that the names written below match exactly with your Social Security name. And for eFiling purposes, birth dates are required as well.
If you are an existing client, you do not have to detail your contact information. Only provide additions or changes if necessary.

Identify Theft, Taxpayer

Many states including the IRS are now wanting additional identification for eFiling in an attempt to curb identity theft. Many states will NOT accept any eFiled tax returns without this information. Therefore, complete the following to minimize complication. And Yes, your security and privacy are critical to us.

Spouse Information

Identify Theft, Spouse

Yes, we need the same thing for the listed spouse on a tax return (sorry).

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Physical Address (if different)

Banking Information

Please enter your direct deposit information below if you want your tax refunds to be electronically deposited. Tax due may also be drafted using this information if necessary.

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Please select the tax year that this information is associated with. Click the Submit button below to securely and safely send this information to us. If you later discover an error- simply re-submit your information and check the box below letting us know.

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