Miscellaneous Questionnaire

Investment Expense

Please list all expenses and fees associated with your investments including brokerage fees, financial advisor fees, publications, subscriptions, mileage to your investment company, computer and equipment, and safety deposit boxes:

Legal and Accounting Expense

If you incurred legal or accounting fees associated with your estate, protecting your income producing assets including your job, or obtain tax advice, please detail them below:


Did you pay or receive alimony last year? If so, please provide the person's SSN and the amount below:

Tax Payments

Did you make any estimated tax payments aside from employer withholdings? If so, please provide dates, Federal, State and amounts below:


Please list all the states that you lived in or had an investment interest in for this tax year below:

Life Events

Are there any life events such as separation, divorce, marriage, new children, adoptions and / or disability that occurred last year?

Divorced With Children

If you are divorced with children who are considered dependents, how does your divorce decree or separation agreement read with regards to listing the children on each parent's tax returns?


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