If you took advantage of the CARES Act Retirement Distributions, please let us know ASAP so we can ensure proper filing requirements.

Use the following online submit to alert us to your retirement account contributions, educational contributions (529 or ESA Plans) or if you received a 1099-R. A 1099-R will be issued for any distributions associated with a retirement account such as a pension, 401k, IRAs, SEPs, etc.

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1099-R Distribution Explanation

There are certain provisions within the tax code that allow for early distributions without tax penalty such as medical expenses, home purchases and other hardships, including rollovers from previous jobs. In the past we have discovered several errors on 1099-Rs where the client received an early distribution that was exempt from tax penalty but the coding of the form was incorrect. If we discover an error, more follow-up with your financial advisor and / or investment company will probably be necessary. Please let us know if you want direct assistance with this.

Having said that, if you received any early distributions that you believe should be exempt from tax penalty please describe your situation below (such as bought a house, had medical bills, used it for higher education, rolled over, etc.). More discussion will be required.

Retirement Contributions

Please list the any retirement account contributions below. Remember many retirement contributions made through April 15 may be applied to the previous tax year, and reported on your tax return as if they happened during the tax year.


We automatically generate "what if" scenarios for you as well showing you how a retirement contribution will change your tax position on your tax returns. We compute the maximum traditional IRA contribution and the maximum Roth IRA contribution, including any non-deductible IRA contributions.


Please list the contributions that you made or intend to make. Remember, contributions are due with the normal tax filing deadline in April and cannot be extended. Please do not list your 401k contributions or any other contributions that are already detailed on your W-2.


Traditional IRAs

Roth IRAs


Did you recharacterize any contributions or perform any Roth conversions? If so, please explain what you did-


We do not need your 401k contributions or statements. If you are a business owner and contributed to a SEP IRA, Keogh or SIMPLE, please detail that information on the small business worksheet.

529 Accounts

Did you contribute to any 529 plans? If so, please detail the state the plan is located in, the contribution amounts and who they were for. We also need a year-end summary statement showing the provider complete with EIN.

ESA Accounts

Did you contribute to any Coverdell ESA? If so, please detail the contribution amounts and who they were for. We also need a year-end summary statement showing the provider complete with EIN.


Please select the tax year that this information is associated with. In addition, please enter your name so we can group your submissions together plus your email address. Click the Submit button below to securely and safely send this information to us. You can submit as many forms as needed. If you later discover an error- simply re-submit your information and check the box below letting us know.

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